Your Ultimate Guide To Home Sealing

A man's home is his castle. But what if your castle is under nonstop siege, and dozens, if not hundreds of pesky pests are trying to take it over? Spiders, roaches, rodents – you name it. Your greatest fears and phobias could be currently trying to find their way into your home. And, chances are, they will manage to do so without too much trouble. They won't be ringing the doorbell, that's for sure. But where there's a crack in a wall, a door that isn't closing or locking fine, or a broken window, you can expect some uninvited guests making their easy way in.

If you haven't assessed the perimeter and fortified your home in a long time, it's time you did. Sealing your home should become your number one goal here. The better secured and more efficiently closed the pathways inside your home, the fewer insects you should expect to see.

Why Is Home Sealing Necessary?Secure and seal your home's exterior doors

  • All homes have more or less minor imperfections. A house that is still settling will usually have cracks. Exhaust vents come with screens that keep deteriorating. Front doors leave inviting small gaps for pests.
  • Sealing your home means getting rid of all of these problems, and many others you may not even be aware of. It also means keeping nasty bugs away, and even lowering your monthly heating or electricity bills. For example, sealing all air leaks could help you cut your home heating and cooling bills by up to 20 percent. The regular air leaks can add up to a large three-foot by three-foot window being open nonstop.
  • Expert home sealers can seal your foundation properly, adjust all weather stripping on your doors, effectively seal the underside of your door frames, and seal all A/C lines and boxes. They can also install insect monitors in the area around your house, including the garage and/or garden shed.
  • Sealing all clean out plumbing, as well as all entries on exterior plumbing is also mandatory in order to ensure effective protection for your home against pests.

What Can Experts Do For You?

  • Professional home sealers can offer you free home inspections. As a result, you will find out exactly how many leaks and gaps does your home truly have, without you even being aware of it. The expert technicians will also run a thorough analysis of the locations the pests will be using to get inside your home.
  • At the end of the process, they will offer professional advice, pointers, and even a detailed plan on how to eradicate the problem.
  • Depending on your budget, you can opt for various types of home sealing plans in different price ranges.
  • Expert locksmiths are your go-to persons when you need to seal your home in order to keep other types of intruders away: burglars. Take a look at a few cheap locksmiths prices in your area and give a couple of services a call. See what they can do for you: free estimates, deadbolt installation, lock re-key, peephole installation, small-key lock installation for windows, home alarm setup, and many more.