Why You Need a Professional for Bed Bug Removal

Bed bugs are some of the most invasive pests and dealing with them is incredibly difficult. When trying to identify them, it can be near impossible to diagnose a bed bug infestation right away due to their elusive nature. Unfortunately, because they are as unwanted as they are problematic to remove from the home, your best option is to hire a professional.

Understanding Bed Bugs

What exactly are bed bugs? While they aren’t limited to your bed, they are commonly found near them. They feed off of your blood, so staying close to where you sleep is in their best interest. They age quickly and live long making them very hard to kill on your own. Here are some facts about bed bugs that should make you consider help from a professional:

  • They Want to Feed on You – Bed Bugs need to feed on blood which is why they bite you in your sleep when it is safest for them. The problem is that escaping them is near impossible. Bed bugs actively seek you out by your body heat and the carbon dioxide that you breathe out in your sleep.
  • Difficult Detection – After a bed bug feeds, it hides back to its hiding spot and can remain there for days or weeks. Because of this infrequent feeding, there is plenty of time for the infestation to grow before identifying the problem.
  • Population Boom – On average, a bedbug can grow to maturity in 35 days, and they live for up to a year. This means that the population can grow substantially in a rather brief time.
  • They Travel – When facing a bed bug infestation, a major concern to have is how easily they can travel with you. From your bed, they can get on your clothing and use you as a free ride to spread anywhere you go. You might inadvertently bring the infestation into other rooms as well as other homes without the help of a professional to remove them.

Professional Pest Control

A bed bug infestation can be detrimental, and it is not to be taken lightly. The longer you wait to tackle a bed bug problem, the harder it becomes to eliminate them. Always hire a professional who is skilled with the proper training and experience to deal with a bed bug problem. At Miller Lawn & Pest Control, we offer a safe, fast, and effective bed bug treatment program along with a one year guarantee with the purchase of an annual pest control program. For more information, call us at 407-359-8888 and ask for an instant quote today. arabfinancials.org