Tips For Landscaping Burglars Away

So you have just recently moved into a new place. And you are looking forward to decorate it just the way you have always dreamed your home should look like. Since you have always been a big fan of flowers and greenery, you cannot wait to see what are your landscaping alternatives. Depending on the size of your front/back yard, or area around your home, you will need to figure out the best solutions that will also work well toward your safety needs. Not exactly sure how the two work together?

Take A Look Around The Neighborhood

  • Do you notice any “beware of dog” signs pop up on fences and gates? Do you honestly think that each of those homes actually has a four-legged, furry pet guarding it?

  • Have you seen any iron bars bolted against windows? What about chain-link fences surrounding the perimeter of a property? Tall trees and hedges preventing you to see what was going on inside a yard?

  • These are all security measures that you may have never actually paid any attention to so far. But now that you are about to move into your very home, you may want to consider them for your own safety.

  • If you are not very pleased about the less than subtle and friendly approach that these solutions might bring about, you can always try the alternative. But first, you should know a thing or two about the typical American burglar:

The Profiles Of Burglars In The US

  • The average burglar in American only needs around 60 seconds to break into a home.

  • They prefer to “go to work” between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.; they also spend between 8 to 10 minutes searching for valuable items to grab and take off with.

  • The profile of the typical burglar is that of a male teen usually living few miles away from the homes they are planning on robbing. They are not pros, and they do not have a lot of experience doing this.

  • Use this information to create the most efficient home security strategy possible.

Why Is Landscaping So Important For Your Home Safety

  • Landscaping and proper lighting are often more important than doors, windows on them, when it comes to securing a home. How is that possible? Environmental design can help you use natural surveillance as well as access control and the reinforcement of your property as a means of deterring intruders and burglars.

  • You can significantly lower the risk of haivng your home burglarized by boosting visibility by trimming all of your hedges and bushes to three feet the most. Tall bushes tend to make for the ideal hiding spots for burglars, whereas a small hedge will allow passers-by and neighbors to immediate observe and report any weird activity they might notice.

  • Property criminals prefer homes surrounded by large hedges for this reason in particular.

  • Opt for low and thorny rose or barberries bushes in the area beneath your windows.

  • Install sensor lights around your home and make sure your front/back yard is properly lit.

  • Make sure you get a locksmith service to check the state of your lock sets and perform repairs or re-key broken or worn-out locks.

  • Install surveillance cameras on both the interior and the exterior fo your house, and place safety grills or at least small-keyed locks on your windows.

  • Ask the local police to provide you with a free survey of your property and find out what are your potential weaknesses.

  • Use motion-activated lights to light up all dark corners outside your home. No burglar wants to be in the spotlight when breaking-and-entering.