Tips for a Healthy Florida Lawn

tips for a healthy lawn

With the wide range of weather types we experience here in Florida, keeping your lawn healthy year-round can be tricky. The lawn care tips below will help you keep your yard looking great regardless of what the Florida climate throws at it:

  • Mow your grass regularly

Though the summers can be brutally warm here in Florida, the regular afternoon rains ensure that your grass grows at a fast pace. All this extra water means you’ll need to mow your lawn more regularly to keep the grass at a reasonable height. An added benefit of mowing regularly is that it prevents pests from hiding in your grass.

  • Keep an eye on your watering schedule

During our rainy months, it’s important to cut back on how frequently you water your lawn. Excess watering not only wastes one of our most precious resources, it also promotes insect infestation. A good way to tell if your lawn needs water or not is to look at the individual blades. When your grass needs water, the blades will fold up in order to conserve water. A good rule of thumb is to water your lawn 2 to 3 times per week during warmer months when there is no rain, and about every 2 weeks during the winter.

  • Keep pests under control with insecticides

No matter how well you keep up with your lawn maintenance, there will always be pests wanting to ruin your hard work. Pests like Chinch Bugs and Armyworms are common in Florida but can be kept away with commercially available insecticides.

  • Let your grass grow higher

Though we recommend regularly mowing your lawn, especially during the warmer months, leaving it a little bit longer than usual during the summer is a good idea. Mowing your lawn at the longest recommended length helps promote a healthy root system which is extremely helpful for preventing damage during the winter months.

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