Three Easy Steps To Keep Pests At Bay & Increase Home Security

In case you are currently struggling with the nightmare of having pests inside your home, chances are you are desperately searching for the most effective solutions possible. Besides the obvious go-to option of calling professional pest control services like ours to take care of the matter, there are others things you can do. Some of them are prevention solutions that all homeowners should take into account and put into practice periodically.

Anti-Pest Locks For Your Doors

While you can install a series of top locks around the house and increase its level of safety, there are temporary solutions you might also be forced to use at times. As a matter of fact, with the help of this particular solution, you could be looking at doors that will not move when placed in. You will also not have to screw anything in the wall, hence avoid tearing it up. You will also look at lower risks of the lock getting tore out of the wall, since it will not be screwed into the wall.

Keep in mind installing this special anti-pest lock will only work for the outside of the doors in order to keep pests, animals, or debris outside the door. You can get in touch with your regular automotive locksmith and ask them to recommend and install the best types of locks you can afford – if they also handle residential services. This should ensure that everything will run smoothly and you will not risk causing any damage to your locks or doors while trying to complete some DIY projects. If, however, you are interested in learning how to create a special anti-pest lock on your own, you can do it in three simple steps:

    1. Screw the screw in the metal piece. Take a 3 inch tall and at least 1 inch wide piece of metal and drill a hole in the middle. Screw any type of screw that is at least 4 inches tall into that hole. Screw it about half way in. Leave two inches on each side of the piece of metal.

    2. Align the door by taking a 90 degree piece of metal and aligning a 90 degree bent part with the door. The piece of metal must have a strip taken out in the center.

    3. Take the metal with the screw in the middle and place its end inside the strip space in the metal found in the door. It might be necessary to twist the screw in order to tighten it in case the lock is too loose.

Extra Home Safety Tips

  • Install double cylinder deadbolt locks on the main entrance doors for further safety around the house.

  • Have the locks checked periodically by professional locksmiths who are authorized to function in your area. Make sure they are licensed and insured/bonded and have good ratings.

  • Have a sufficient number of duplicate keys to your home at hand so that you can use them in case you remain locked out by accident.