The Pros and Cons of Common Orlando Grasses

Lawn care is a major concern as a healthy lawn yields many benefits. From pest prevention to just being aesthetically pleasing, we should all strive for a healthy lawn. To ensure the best chance of your lawn prospering, you should have an understanding of the many turf options and how they stand to benefit you.

St. Augustine Grass

One of the most common grasses in Orlando, St. Augustine grass has adapted to growing in warm weather which makes it perfect for the Orlando climate. It is also able to thrive in many different types of soil which make it easy to maintain.  Unfortunately, a concern with this grass is its need for regular watering, which when done incorrectly could result in thatch buildup.

Bahia Grass

If you have dry or sandy soil, Bahai grass might be the best bet for you. Due to its tough resilience, Bahia grass is the second most common in Orlando. It is tolerant against droughts and has very modest maintenance needs, requiring minimal fertilization. However, it does require weekly mowing in the summer, and it will turn brown as the weather begins to cool.

Bermuda Grass

Considered to be quite beautiful, Bermuda grass is also very soft and strong against the elements. Installation is quick and during any time of year and it turns your lawn into a lush and pleasing view. Despite the many positives, Bermuda grass requires substantial maintenance, such as mowing twice a week, fertilizing it monthly, as well as frequent watering.

Keeping Your Lawn Healthy

There are many different types of grass available for your lawn, and you want the one that will look best, as well as function to your needs. At Miller Lawn & Pest Control, we offer many lawn care services such as soil testing at no additional cost, as well as six regularly scheduled visits per year. Call us at 407-359-8888 for an instant quote today.