The Dangers of Fire Ants

orlando fire ants

Given their small size, it is incredibly easy to miss fire ants as they overtake your lawn. Unfortunately, these little terrors can be incredibly problematic. Fire ants make up for their tiny stature with their immense strength in numbers. Through this, they can prove to be quite the threat when on your property.

What is the Threat?

The main problem with fire ants is their sheer numbers. They can become agitated when provoked and when this happens, there is a substantial risk. Since fire ants attack as a group, their stings come in large numbers. When a fire ant stings you, you will experience a severe burning sensation. Their stings inject you with a venom known as solenopsin which results in a feeling similar to that of being burned by fire, thus the name fire ants.  These stings result in painful welts which can cause allergic reactions. Part of what makes fire ants so dangerous is their capacity to attack in such high numbers as well as stinging multiple times, which can leave you with severe pain.

Identifying Fire Ants

Despite their small size, fire ants can be easily spotted by their dirt mounds in your lawn. Be careful not to disturb them unless you intend on invoking the wrath of the colony. Varying from an eighth of an inch to a quarter of an inch in length, they can are easily spotted by their reddish brown/black coloring.

Fighting Back

Though they are small, fire ants have incredible numbers behind them, and when put to their full potential, it can be staggering. While you shouldn’t try to handle the problem yourself, you still shouldn’t have to deal with fire ants on your property. At Miller Lawn & Pest Control, we offer cutting edge pest control services without causing harm to the environment. For more information, call us at 407-359-8888 for your instant quote today.