Termite Treatment: Why it’s So Important

termite control

The to-do list for a homeowner often seems never-ending, and it’s easy to get caught up with the big projects like roof maintenance, replacing windows, or fixing that sticky front door. While these are all very important aspects of keeping your home in tip-top shape, sometimes the threats you can’t see are the biggest issue. Tiny terrors like termites pose a huge threat to a home if left unchecked, but the termite treatment specialists at Miller Lawn & Pest are here to help!

The Hidden Dangers of Termites

One of the biggest reasons that termites are such an issue is just how difficult they are to see. When they make their way into a home, the damage is often impossible to see initially. This because they generally begin by eating away wood that can’t easily be seen. We recommend regular termite inspections so that if there is an issue, we can catch it early before serious damage is done. Not only will termites eat wood siding, but they will destroy supportive beams, window frames, and nearly anything else made of wood.

Because termite damage has the potential to be threatening to the health of your home, we recommend regular termite inspections and treatments. Our technicians work with you to create a prevention plan that works for your needs and budget, so you can live worry free.

There are also things you can do to make your home less-appealing to termites to reduce the likelihood of an infestation. Termites love moisture, so diverting as much water away from the base of your home as possible is a great way to keep them away. Avoid using thick layers of mulch around the bottom of your home, as it traps and holds moisture against the building. Additionally, switching from wooden siding to vinyl or any other material is a great deterrent as well.

Call the Experts

While these simple steps won’t completely safeguard your home, they certainly help. If you live in Oviedo or the surrounding areas and want to make sure termites don’t put your home at risk, call the termite treatment professionals today at 407-359-8888 to schedule your free home estimate. Looking to install a new central air conditioning system? Has your heater or air conditioner stopped working? Prosco’s HVAC experts are proud to be your number 1 source for all your heating and cooling needs year round.