5 Techniques for Shrub Care

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Shrubs in general are low-maintenance plants, making them very common amongst yards and gardens. However, it can be easy for them to get unruly and become an eyesore when not properly cared for. If you want your shrubs to flourish and have a long life, the following are good shrub care techniques.

1) Give them room. Whether you are planting your own shrubs or just maintaining the ones you have, it is important to make sure each plant has enough room to grow. If shrubs grow too close together, not only can it look messy, but it can stunt the shrub’s growth.

2) Prune. Not only does pruning help shrubs look clean and stay manageable, but it also helps the plant grow. When pruning, make sure to look for the dead or dying branches on the shrub. You have to cut the dead ones in order for fresh, new branches to grow.

3) Keep it clean. Make sure the area around your shrubs are free from debris, especially after pruning. A build-up of dead foliage at the base of a shrub can lead to mold and root damage.

4) Mulch. Much can be helpful for shrubs if done properly. It can provide a source of fertilization as well as protect the base of the shrub. It is best to lay mulch in the fall in order to trap heat in preparation for the winter. Be mindful to not lay the mulch too thick, as this could damage the roots.

5) Know your shrub. Most shrubs only need to be fertilized once or twice a year to stay healthy. However, some flowering shrubs may need more than that. Make sure you know what kind of shrub you have in order to adequately care for it. Each shrub is beautiful and unique in its own way, and in order to play to its strengths you must be familiar and know what helps it grow to its fullest potential.

If you have questions about the type of care your shrubs require, or need help with the maintenance of your shrubs, call Miller Lawn and Pest at 407-917-2106.
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