Swiss Government Might Ban Use Of Pesticides And Gambling All At Once

What could pesticides and gambling have in common? Apparently, as much as nothing. But the fact is that the Swiss government is going to call its citizens to vote on a parliamentary decision which involves both the financial subsidies to farmers who make usage of pesticides and online gambling in casinos outside Switzerland.

What Is Behind The Two-Ban Referendumpesticides banned

So, local citizens will have to vote for two main decisions all at once. The reason to get to such important decisions relies on prevention and security:

– The usage of pesticide is proven to bring numerous damages to the ecosystem

– There are different ways to get rid of mice and dangerous insects, as well, and the Swiss government seems to be likely to promote such alternative solutions

– As to gambling, local casinos are experiencing some bad luck due to a growing number of gamblers who choose online casinos. So, the government is trying to help Swiss casinos get back their fortune (which turns into an overall improvement for the national economy, as well)

– Certain casinos in the internet are not regulated, which might easily become a financial threat for gamblers

For the Swiss voters it will be very hard to choose correctly this time, since in both cases someone will pay the cost of the decision – namely, either the producers of pesticides or the farmers, either online casino companies or gamblers.

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