Shrub Care & Home Safety

If you have never hired a shrub care professional for your landscaping needs, it might be time to do some changes. Here at Miller Lawn and Pets we specialize in a variety of services, including pest control, lawn care, termites, irrigation and SOD services. We can provide you with a suitable program for your custom landscape needs. If you are interested in our shrub care program, we will proceed by first inspecting your shrubs and ensure they are correctly balanced in terms of nutrients. Next, we will offer you a fully customized home shrub care regimen that will help you produce optimal results. In the end, you will enjoy a much healthier and greener landscape. You will not only increase the market value of your home, but also boost your home's security. If you are interested in learning more about the connection between shrubs and home safety, read on.

Strengthen Security Around Your Home

We all use locks on our entryways to stay safe inside our homes. Locks and alarm systems, bars or grills on windows and peepholes are all good safety measures and burglar deterrents. However, they normally only keep the interior of your home protected. However, the area around your home is often times left unprotected or at least significantly less-well defended compared to the house. Potential intruders and burglars will definitely try to take advantage of these vulnerabilities.

  • Take care of your outdoor lighting. Invest in high quality outdoor lights, preferably sensors lights that will also deter intruders. Arrange the lights in such a way as to minimize shadows around all entryways.

  • Together with overgrown shrubs, shadows make for the perfect hideout places for home invaders. In case your yard has overgrown shrubs and is plunged into darkness every night, you will need to fix things.

  • Outdoor lighting is an excellent first solution; motion sensor lights will also save you money on your electricity bills, while also startling potential burglars lurking around your home.

  • Having your plants trimmed periodically will also aid you greatly. Untrimmed plants and shrubs are tell-tale signs of a vacant home. Opportunist thieves know exactly what to look for, and they will take advantage of the smallest vulnerability.

Additional Home Security Tips

  • Getting a dog and keeping it outside will definitely make most burglars think twice before trying their luck on your property.

  • Install surveillance cameras on the patio and/or in your yard to discourage anyone from trying to sneak in, hide, and attack late at night. You can get in touch with a local security company that sells closed-circuit surveillance systems or talk to a residential locksmith. Services like this one here cater to the needs of people in all US states and areas. They provide 24/7 emergency lockout services, fresh lock installation, lock repair or re-key services, duplicate key making, mailing box and safe lock installation, as well as alarm system installation. They charge small rates and service fees and they have one of the fastest services you will be able to find at the moment. This should save you a lot of time, money, and energy.