If your house has termites and you already know about it you need to get termite treatment from Miller Lawn & Pest as fast as possible. Everyday they are eating away more and more money from your house. Our Termite Control service will halt the damage they can do to your Central Florida home. They can go undetected for years and create small holes into your walls and even your furniture. Their fecal pellets cause an odor that does not go away after being cleansed. They leave discoloration and blisters in hardwood floors and your paints. Before you know it, the infestation is widespread and you may need to replace your floors and walls completely.

Along with having regular termite inspections company treat your home, there are a few things you can do for termite prevention:

  • Keep your home and yard free from anything that might attract termites will certainly help.
  • Remove any rubbish, debris and timber lying around.
  • Don’t store firewood or have any timber, dead branches and building materials lying directly on the ground around your yard.
  • Keep gardens tidy by removing any thick overgrown plants from around your home. Thick vegetation creates areas of intense moisture which attracts termites.
  • Any building done around your home such as retaining walls, decks, pergolas, garden beds, fences, in fact any timber structures must be built using treated timber.
  • If your house is built on a concrete slab then make sure the edge of the slab is visible at all times as well as the weep holes.
  • Termites need water and moisture attracts them. Any leaking taps, pipes or water that pools up around your home are all invites to the termites.
  • Look out for any cracks or holes around the foundation of your home and seal them. An entry point as thick as a piece of paper is all the termites need to gain entry.
  • Finally, the best preventative thing all homeowners can do is to get your home inspected for termites annually. It is better to have the peace of mind with an annual check. It’s a lot cheaper to have regular inspections than to discover a damaging infestation and not only have to have a complete treatment but have to rebuild and repair any damage. Termites have the ability to completely destroy houses resulting in a total rebuild.

Termite Control in Oviedo

The good news is that there is a pest control company that specialized in termite extermination. They are able to tell whether your house is infested by termites and know how to treat infested areas. The best termite control in Casselberry and Oviedo is Miller Lawn & Pest by far. We also service Winter Springs, Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Maitland, Lake Mary, Sanford, Apopka and Winter Park.

Homes are often considered to be our biggest lifetime investment. Yet, many people pay little attention to their termite coverage or lack there of. The cost of a termite protection program is negligible compared to the cost of repairing the tangible and intangible damage caused by termites at your home or business.

The cryptic behavior of termite pests often result in infestations that are concealed from view, making them difficult to detect. Construction and landscaping practices that do not consider subterranean termite treatment create areas conducive to termite infestation. Once subterranean termite infestations are established, a pest management professional conducting visual inspection relies on finding live termites, mud tubes, and/or damaged wood to confirm a suspected infestation. Miller goes one step further with our Scent Detection Canine, Copper. As a University Certified Termite Detection Canine, Copper is trained to track any scent of methane, which is a gas that is produced by termites. By itself, or as part of a comprehensive Termite Protection Program, Miller’s termite canine can help provide the peace of mind you want, need and deserve.

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