Soil Testing Service

With modern turf and landscape management practices, our soil analysis services are an integral part of a solid turf management plan. Soil testing plays an important part in turf and landscape problem solving. As the primary source of food, fiber and major interface with the environment, soil is the reservoir on which most life on earth depends.

Soil science has provided us with an understanding of the physical, chemical and biological properties and processes essential to the ecosystem integrity. This understanding is important to enhancing the heath of your lawn and our ecosystem.

Here Is A Sample Of Our Soil Testing


When you think about lawn care, you probably think of mowing, trimming and using soil additives to enhance the condition of your grass. You probably don’t think about soil pH, but it’s just as important when it comes to lawn management. There are a number of things that can affect the pH of the soil your lawn depends on – if you aren’t careful, incorrect pH values can kill off your expensive plants and grasses. It is important to check the pH of your lawn every year in order to design an appropriate watering and fertilization regiment.

Let us plan a Lawn Care Program for you based on an analysis of your soil. When it comes to your lawn, we care! Start your protection today. Call our offices at 407-359-8888 to schedule a free evaluation/estimate.