Our home shrub care professionals will design a program specifically for you based on the needs of your landscape. We won’t just try to sell you the same program as your neighbor, we will conduct a detailed inspection to make sure your shrubs have the correct balance of nutrients they need to thrive. This enables us to provide you with a customized home shrub care regimen that, along with proper watering practices on your part, can help produce optimal results and ultimately a healthier, greener landscape.


  1. 6 regularly scheduled visits per year.
  2. Granular and/or Liquid fertilizer applied 6 times per year.
  3. Fungus and shrub disease control.
  4. Liquid systemic insect application for long term protection.
  5. Essential minor elements for color enhancement.
  6. Additional treatments are no charge.
  7. Detailed invoice left behind with every service.

When it comes to your lawn, we care! Start your protection today. Call our offices at 407-359-8888 to schedule a free evaluation/estimate.