Save Money, Save Time, Save Water, And Protect Your Lawn!

At Miller Lawn & Pest we install and repair sprinkler systems for residential, commercial, and industrial properties throughout the Oviedo area. Our irrigation systems and services will help you save time, money, and water. An efficient automatic system will provide you with a beautiful lawn and landscape while conserving water and reduce your water bills.

Noticing High Water Bills or Dead Grass?

You might have an irrigation problem. An efficient water saving irrigation system should be custom designed with the proper rotor, spray or low-volume emitter to apply a precise amount of water to your lawn and landscape. An automatic controller will apply exact amounts of water on each section with a precise schedule.

Request a 10-Point Irrigation Analysis Today!

10 Point Irrigation Analysis

Our 10-point irrigation analysis will analyze your entire sprinkler system and inspect for the following:

  1. Ensure main water supply source is on and operating effectively.
  2. Individual zone by zone analysis.
  3. Check for broken, clogged and leaking sprinkler heads.
  4. Verify proper functionality of all valves.
  5. Evaluate total water coverage.
  6. Verify Matched precipitation.
  7. Calibrating irrigation controllers for correct watering times and duration.
  8. Make sure the rain sensor is functioning properly. This is required by Florida Statute 373.62 and will save water by forcing your irrigation system to shut off or not come on when it has rained.
  9. Test for Broken or leaking pipes
  10. Offer customer a tailored solution to Save Money, Save Time, Save Water, and Protect Their Lawn!

Sign Up for Miller’s Bi-Monthly Irrigation Maintenance Program

Our Maintenance Program Include:

  1. Complete and comprehensive evaluation of you entire irrigation system.
  2. Going through each zone and precisely adjusting sprinkler heads to ensure accurate head to head coverage.
  3. Replacing broken sprinkler heads
  4. Calibrating irrigation controllers for correct watering times and duration periods
  5. Perform seasonal adjustments to watering schedules.
  6. Thorough inspection of valves, rain sensor and controller.
  7. Irrigation Specialist will leave detailed notes explaining what adjustments and repairs were performed on your system after each visit
  8. All labor is included for “minor” repairs with our program.
  9. Customer is responsible for parts.
  10. Any additional repairs needed beyond what is considered “minor” on the Maintenance Program are discounted at 20% off.

Commercial and Residential Irrigation


Miller Lawn & Pest can install a moisture sensor or smart controller to your irrigation system that will help you have a healthy lawn, conserve water and save money as well.

A professionally installed irrigation system means:

  • No dragging hoses around to water your yard.
  • No more forgetting to turn the water on or off.
  • You don’t have to be home to water your landscape.
  • You can set specific times and days for watering.
  • Your sprinkler system will work properly and efficiently.

Contact the sprinkler experts at Miller Lawn & Pest at 407-359-8888, for a estimate for your sprinkler repair, installation or replacement needs.