Lawn Care & Pest Control in Lake Mary, FL

In recent years, Lake Mary has become a popular place to call home for thousands of Floridians. With new homes and developments going up on every corner, it’s no surprise that the demand for lawn care and pest control services has sky-rocketed. However, not every lawn care company is equal. A proper yard treatment should be done using the right products for the problem at hand, without under or over treating. Only a truly professional lawn care expert knows these nuances. After all, there are dozens of possible reasons your grass could be turning brown, including lack of water, fungus, maltreatment, or a number of lawn eating insects.

Miller Lawn & Pest Control has over 30 years of experience performing pest control and lawn treatments in Lake Mary, FL. The area has a long list of creatures that could inhabit your home. Sometimes, with you ever knowing until it’s too late. At Miller Lawn & Pest Control, we suggest our potential customers take advantage of our free inspections, which gives peace of mind that your home is safe and comfortable.

Finding the Right Lawn Care Company

What makes Miller different from other lawn care companies? Our success over the years has come from strong customer support. We go well out of our way to ensure our customers are experiencing exactly what they paid for and exceeding expectations. We visit our customer’s properties regularly and change up treatments as needed. If there is ever a troublesome spot in your lawn, just call us! We will send a lawn care & pest control technician to your home that very same day, at no extra cost.

Why Wait?

If your yard is dying and your home is being invaded by pests, don’t wait for the problem to get worse. Even if your home doesn’t have a problem yet, Miller has affordable preventative treatments that will keep you and your lawn out of harm’s way. We also offer full irrigation, sod, shrub, and palm care services for your convenience.

Call 407-359-8888 today to see how Miller Lawn & Pest Control can help you out!