How To Keep Your Home Pest-Free

To most people, having pests at home is one of the most traumatizing household experiences. Especially if you live somewhere warm all year round, and you enjoy spending time in your backyard, sitting in the sun, sunbathing and barbecuing. Pests apparently also have an attraction for warm places and sunrays. In fact, they seem to be constantly searching for more places to live and thrive, and your home is unfortunately one of their favorite destinations.

If you are currently faced with a pest-infested household, we can imagine your frustration and anxiety. Cockroaches crawling on the kitchen floor and rodents in the attic keeping you up at night sound like horror movie scripts to most people. Lots of folks suffer from various types of phobias related to pests. If you are one of them, here is what you can do to fix your problem.

Deny Entry In Your Home!

  • This is by far one of the most efficient solutions to focus on. But it can also be a tricky one, especially if you do not have any experience with keeping pests away.

  • Start by getting rid of all sources of wood and water that pests might find appealing. Think of them as unwanted house guests who drop by to eat your food and sleep on your bet. Be it rodents or insects, pests will be eager to find the smartest ways of getting into your home. And if they manage to identify entryway sources, they will definitely call their friends and family. The more, the merrier. Well, at least for them.

  • So once you will successfully get rid of all hiding spots and food lying around like magnets, you will also lower the chances of attracting pests into your home.

  • Seal your doors just like you would reinforce your locks in order to keep burglars out. Speaking of, get in touch with the nearest locksmith for home in your area and ask them to assess the state of your current locks and keys. Re-key any old and worn-out locks or have them replaced by newer and sturdier options. An authorized and experienced locksmith should be able to immediately identify any problems with a lock and recommend the most relevant solutions matching your budget. Consider having locks installed on your windows as well, especially if you live in a ground-floor dwelling. Potential burglars will have no problem trying their luck with doors and windows, including garages that are connected to your home via an separate door.

  • If money allows it, install a home alarm system that allows you to not only sleep more peacefully at night, but also monitor your home from a remote distance with the help of your smartphone.

  • Getting back to your pest issue, make sure that you thoroughly inspect your doors and find all gaps. Insects will sue them to get inside your home. Install door sweeps so you can effectively get rid of some of these gaps. Rely on weather stripping and chalk to completely seal your door. Also seal your garage doors with door deals.

  • Have an automatic door closer installed, so that all doors are kept closed at all times.