Home Pests And Plumbing Issues

When was the last time you were confronted with any kind of a pest infestation inside your home? How did you handle it? Would you do things differently if it would happen to you again? Were there any pipes and other plumbing related items part of the problem as well?

If you are like most homeowners, you are probably clueless when it comes to the connection between pests and the plumbing inside and around your house. But the truth of the matter is there is a clear link between the two. Problematic pipes can easily draw in specific types of pests. And can you imagine the type of issues you could be looking at, should your pipes get infested with rodents or even snakes? If you also happen to suffer from a phobia related to any of these, chances are you will want to quickly do something about it. Let's find out exactly how a plumbing issue could be attracting pests and what to do about it.

Pests And Plumbing ProblemsPlumbing services with Prosco

  • A leaking pipe inside a home will usually attract pests that will want to reach the new water source. Pests are normally drawn by leaks and their origins, and standing bodies of water are also highly likely to invite pests over. The list includes mosquitoes, so you should definitely look into any leakage as soon as possible.

  • But you could be also dealing with special kinds of pests that are known to treat wood as a delicacy. They do not only chew on it, but they also use the moisture in it as a source of water. Termites are one good example in this regard. And they are even known to make matters worse when there is a leak problem inside a house. A water leak that ill eventually saturate the wood will also look inviting for carpenter ants.

  • The last thing you want is to be greeted by a huge family of ants nesting inside the wood structure of your home.

  • Not to mention the imminent risk of having rodents invade your space thought the small holes and weakened spots caused by leaking pipes and termites.

  • Rodents are known to cause serious plumbing problems as they can gnaw on the plumbing seals or damage toilet plumbing; these pesky creatures are even known to completely block pipes when using the sewer system to make their way in.

What Can You Do?

  • Get in touch with professional plumbers and address all plumbing issues on the spot. Do not postpone them and do not try to improvise any DIY repairs on your own. You could risk doing more harm than good.

  • A good plumber should know exactly what to do to prevent pests from getting inside your home. No matter where in the US you may live, you can get in touch with the guys at Prosco and contract their superior and affordable pest control services. They also specialize in all plumbing matters and they can rapidly assess any issue and recommend the best solutions that will match your exact budget.