At Miller Enviro-Care we install and repair sprinkler systems for residential, commercial, and industrial properties throughout the Orlando area. Our irrigation systems and services will help you save time, money, and water. An efficient automatic system will provide you with a beautiful lawn and landscape while conserving water and reduce your water bills.

Using top of the line products and guaranteed 24-hour rapid response should the need arise, we have an “old school” work ethic and a cutting edge product line. Our Enviro-Smart pest control program is scientifically designed for maximum safety and effectiveness due to our proactive soil sampling and soil testing methods. Our landscape products are designed for rapid results without compromising the well being of your family or the environment. We offer complimentary inspections and welcome the opportunity to explain our unparalleled, environmentally responsible range of guaranteed services. The combination yields outstanding results.

The cost of a pest management professional are negligible compared to the cost of repairing the tangible and intangible damage caused by an insect or rodent problem at your commercial or industrial location.

IPM is a long-term strategy designed to keep pest population levels below desirable thresholds through biological, mechanical, cultural and the least toxic chemical means. Learn more about Miller Enviro-Care’s Integrated Pest Management Program for commercial properties now.


A great lawn done. Lawn Care Orlando done by Miller Enviro.
Lawn Care Services by Miller Enviro Care
6 regularly scheduled visits per year
Soil testing provided at no additional cost
Program customized around lab results
Post-emergent weed control for all treatable weeds
Pre-emergent weed control for seasonal weeds
Fire ant & flea control
Fungus & disease control
Insect control against all turf and sod pests
Essential minor elements for color enhancement
Additional treatments are no charge
Detailed invoice left behind with every service
Lawn Care Tips