Defensive Landscaping Tips

Did you ever hear of something called “defensive gardening“? What do you think it is? Would you be interested in putting something like that into practice in the near future? How well secured would you currently rate your home at the moment? Did you have anything stolen from your garden shed or from your home?

In short, defensive gardening refers to a peculiar home security system that relies on plants as the number one defense mechanism. It can also refer to specific landscaping, or the way a garden should be designed and built. But what does all of this have to do with the risk of a burglar breaking into a house? For starters, think about a house with tall grass that looks like it has not been mowed in a couple of years. Add messy looking bushes that have not seen a trimmer in an equally long time. What is the first impression that comes to your mind when looking at a house like that? Do you believe such a place would be inviting of potential burglars? You are not wrong!

Poor Gardening Practices Are Hints For Burglars

By not taking care of your garden and landscaping as you should, you could be tipping off potential burglars without even realizing it. They will most likely rate you as a careless homeowner who is probably also doing a bad job at securing doors and windows as well. Or they might assume that you are away from home on a long vacation and you have not been home in a while. Which means they will take advantage of this opportunity and try to sneak in and grab their hands on your most valuable items that are easy to carry without attracting any attention.

Getting in touch with a local residential locksmith service to have your locks on your entryways assessed is always a good idea. So you might want to make sure that your home is well-secured with the help of sturdy mortise or deadbolt locks, safety bars on the windows, and even the most basic home alarm system. Anything that is superior to that should considerably increase the level of safety on your home. And it could also potentially lower your insurance premium on your home. Just make sure to carefully read the home insurance policy and find out exactly what type of locks or alarm systems your insurance is in favor of. Keep in mind you will also most likely have to hire an authorized locksmith for the installation job, in order for the insurance premium discount to take effect.

How Can Defensive Landscaping Help?

Grow your hedges to create an excellent line of defense in the outdoors. You will save a lot of money on your security needs. Opt for boxwood or hawthorn for best results. Shape them as you please and let them make your home less accessible for potential burglars.

Graveled walkways should also be good deterrents against burglars. Their worse nightmare is to be heard while performing their jobs, and the sound of loud and crunchy steps is a big no-no for them.