Crazy Ants: The New Enemy

Anyone who takes care of their lawn can tell you how detrimental pests can be which is why you need to stay on your toes against all incoming threats to your grass. Unfortunately, a new combatant has entered the battlefield, and it doesn’t look pretty. Native to South America, the colloquially dubbed ‘crazy ants’ have proved to be a tough adversary to beat.

The Invasive March

Reports of these ants in America began in Texas, and they quickly spread across the gulf coast. While it may seem far-fetched that such a small creature can make its way from South America to Florida, it should be noted that they were found in Tampa as far back as 2012 and reports in Orlando surfaced as recently as 2013.

What Do They Do?

Even though they don’t bite humans, these tiny menaces are still a force of nature worth recognizing. Part of what makes them so powerful is their sheer size in numbers. They have multiple colonies, and within those colonies, there are multiple queens. This allows them to increase their size rapidly. They are so powerful that they can overtake lawns and even drive out their rival insects. A major problem for most homeowners is their desire to be in small and tight spaces. This results in a build up over time of their millions of carcasses in your walls and damaging your electrical equipment. In some cases, they can even get into the engine of your car and do considerable damage.

Controlling the Problem

Despite the incredible destructive force that crazy ants pose to you, this is not to say that they are impossible to fight. Many different products are required to be used over time, but soon enough the job will be done. At Miller Lawn & Pest we use our 30 years of experience to help you with all of your pest problems. Call us at 407-359-8888 for your instant quote today.