Crab Grass Experts

The Impact of Crab Grass on Your Lawn

The term crabgrass is one that has a negative connotation attached to it, and for a good reason. The annual grassy weed grows in yards of green grass and chokes out natural grass, stopping your yard from thriving.

It is an aggressive and tough weed that is very opportunistic. It will quickly pop up in areas of your yard that are already stressed and dying out like thin patches of grass, dried-out areas of the lawn, or regions that are sun-scorched. Even worse, it spreads like wildfire and can thrive under even the worst circumstances. The result can quickly overtake your yard if you do not take prompt action.

Why Is It So Bad?

As mentioned, crabgrass is very self-sufficient which would be a great trait if you wanted this type of grass in your yard. It grows in awkward long and flat stalks which are often missed by mowing blades. It is harsh to walk on, and if you lay down, it would be uncomfortable. And perhaps worse of all, it will harm your real grass.

Crabgrass steals nutrients from the other types of grass and plants in your yard making it difficult for anything but crabgrass to grow. Additionally, because of the shape of its long stalks, it creates the perfect home for pests that will continue to destroy your lawn.

How to Get Rid of It

The best way to deal with crabgrass is promptly and thoroughly. However, there is no one-step solution. The best way to get rid of it is by physically digging it up and removing it, or using certain gardening chemicals. If you have a clear infestation, it might be time to call in the experts to ensure the health of your yard.

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