Care For Your Landscape And You’ll Keep Burglars Away!

Hearing about your neighbors' house being broken into recently might have given you chills down your spine. The thought that someone could break your front door lock in the middle of the night while you are asleep, or during the day, when you are at work and steal your prized possessions is never easy to cope with. But simply worrying about it will not do much for you. You need to be proactive and start putting smart home security solutions into practice. Together with the regular home alarms and “beware of dog” signs, your landscaping could make a huge difference in keeping potential intruders away.

If you are not rooting for iron safety bars on windows and chained fences, you can try a friendlier and less “aggressive” approach to your home safety: landscaping done right.

Who Breaks Into Our Homes, Anyway?

Knowing your energy is the very first step toward a sane anti-burglar strategy. It would appear that most home burglaries are the work of quick and rather poorly organized amateurs. Opportunist burglars will usually not spend more than one minute trying to make their forced way into a home. They prefer to act between 10AMand 3PM when most people are away from home. And they will spend no more than ten minutes inside a home, in a frantic search for anything of value they can grab and take off with. According to official police statistics, the typical burglar is a male teenager who lives just a few miles from you.

How Can Good Landscaping And Lighting Help?

Experts believe lighting and landscaping are important elements that can keep your home safe, more important compared to locks or door and window replacing. Sounds weird, right? Well, if you come to think of the kind of burglars you will be basically fighting against, it does make a lot of sense. Your neighborhood burglar will most likely never try to break into a home protected by an advanced alarm system and an electronic lock on the front door. Instead, they will hide using your untrimmed shrugs and bushes and take advantage of a cracked window you forgot to close.

  • Your bushes and hedges should be trimmed to three feet or less to improve visibility and prevent creating the perfect hiding spots for burglars.

  • The lower your shrubs are, the more visible your home will be for neighbors and passersby who might notice someone trying to break into your home. Get in touch with us and let us take care of your landscaping for you.

  • Use gravel to cover the ground beneath your windows; this should provide you with an all-natural “home alarm”, since you should be able to hear burglars' footsteps on the gravel. Most of them will be successfully deterred by this type of an impediment.

  • Plant thorny plants and bushes in the area beneath your ground-floor windows to further deter burglars. Roses and barberries are excellent options.

Extra Home Security Solutions

  • Get in touch with a local commercial locksmith that also specializes in residential services and have them assess your current locks, deadbolts, padlocks, and alarm and recommend the best solutions.

  • Replace worn out locks with new, high quality deadbolt locksets; install a home alarm system, preferably with surveillance cameras inside and outside the house. Place clearly visible signs that your home is under nonstop surveillance and you should obtain similar results.