7 Signs You Might Have a Termite Problem

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Most homeowners agree, termites are near the top of the “things we’re scared of” lists. Drywood termites can do extensive damage to a home, often getting quite far before they’re even discovered. They munch on all types of Drywood such as door and window frames, wooden fixtures and furniture, even your home’s foundation.
Finding a termite problem before it gets out of hand is one of the best ways to prevent serious damage to your home. We at Miller Lawn and Pest have come up with 7 warning signs of a termite infestation to be on the lookout for.

1. “White Ants”
People see termites and oftentimes think they’re peculiar looking white ants. True, they look very similar in size and shape. But ants are relatively harmless (when outside), termites are a big problem.
If you’re not sure whether it’s an ant or termite, consider these facts:

o Termites are very light in color
o Ants have curved antennae; termites’ are straight
o Both termites and flying ants have two sets of wings but termites’ are the same size, while ants have one larger set and one smaller set

2. Tight-Fitting Doors or Windows
If your doors and windows seem to stick a little bit more than normal, you’re probably apt to think it’s due to the humidity. While it might be, termites could also be the culprit. They produce moisture while munching on your wood, which can cause door and window frames to warp.

3. Clicking Sounds
If soldier termites feel that there’s a threat to the colony they’ll actually shake their bodies or hit their heads against the wood. They also make audible sounds when chewing. If you put your ear up against an infected area of wood, you’ll be able to hear them eating.

4. Tunnels in Wood
It’ll of course be hard or impossible to detect termite tunnels in your wood early on. Take a look around the outside of your home, though. If you see a piece of broken wood near your house with termite damage, know that they could have moved onto your home.

5. Flying Termites
Flying termites are males and females that have left their old colony in search of a new home. If you see them around your house, be wary. They may be scoping out a place to set up camp.

6. Termite Droppings
Termite droppings, or frass, is a key indicator of a termite infestation. Termites will push their droppings out of small holes near the entrance to their nest. This practice leaves little black marks and a dark dusty substance.

Finding a termite infestation in your Orlando home early on is key to avoiding serious damage and costly repairs. If you think you may have termites, give Miller Lawn & Pest Control a call today at 407-917-2106.